Veteran broadcaster and news reader, Jestina Mukoko says more has to be done to cushion women to take active political roles. She was speaking on the sidelines of the June 26th International Day of Victims of Torture held in Nyamaropa in Manicaland Province.

In an interview with Kumakomo Community Radio Initiative, Mukoko said that most women did not make it in the primary elections owing to the rigorous nature of primary elections.

“Some of the primary elections were marred by violence and where there is violence, women seek cover and chicken out. This is the reason why we find that this year’s elections are fielding more independent candidates, “ said Mukoko.

She said that women make up most of the voting populace, but they do not occupy most of the governance positions. Mukoko blasted the quota system, likening it to the “Bacossi era” saying that most political parties are ignoring women because they will fill up the reserved quota when the time comes. Mukoko said this has reduced the power of women as fighters in an even playing ground which has led to fewer people voting in support of women in the primary elections.

Mukoko pointed that there was need for a constitutional make up, since the current constitution is the only legislation supporting the quota system, there may be a likelihood that this can be dropped by future governments if they lack the will power to support women.

The International Day in support of victims of Torture was held in Nyamaropa, in Manicaland Province where more than three hundred people thronged the Methodist Church to follow proceedings. Organized by the Zimbabwe Human Rights Forum, the event also had in partnership, organizations like the Counselling Services Unit, Zimbabwe Peace Projects, to name but a few.

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