Sakubva Residents Applaud Listening Club Formation

Residents of Sakubva’s ward 5 in Mutare have applauded the formation of a community radio listening club in their area, saying that it will give them an alternative access to information.

Speaking on the sidelines of the formation of a radio listening club in Zororo, upcoming music producer Livingstone Mangweka said the listening club will give them time to relax and share experiences with fellow artists and residents of the surburb.

“We are very grateful with this development as musicians and producers. It will give us time to listen to some pre recorded programmes from other wards, as well as giving us an opportunity to share our experiences and challenges in this industry of ours. As producers and musicians, we play a critical role in commenting on societal issues. We will play our part in enhancing the development of our ward and the whole city in particular, through the use of music”, said the producer who is popularly known as Doctor Leeman.

Another participant, Tapuwa Chadzingwa reiterated the importance of coming up as a group to discuss accessing information and ways in which residents can play a part in the development of the city.

Chadzingwa said: “I am really pleased with the efforts being made by Kumakomo Community radio initiative by coming up with such a group made up of youths from diverse backgrounds. It is our role to spearheard the development of our neighbourhood, in terms of active participation in service delivery issues and as well try to recognise our own local artistes in this ward.”

Kumakomo Community Radio Station initiative recently embarked on this project to launch radio listening clubs, against a background of difficulties in accessing information by the people in the city.

Most residents especially those in Dangamvura receive poor signals and they have resorted to using satellite links for quality reception. But with the formation of listening clubs, residents now have an opportunity to make their own programmes, discussing issues that affect them as a particular ward, and come up with solutions to these peculiar problems.

The K.C.R.S. secretary Mandy Kanyemba applauded the way residents have responded to this initiative.

“The people of Mutare are showing great enthusiasm in this initiative. This has forced us to try and create more listening clubs out of the twelve that we currently have. Residents can now share their experiences with other members in different wards. As we remain committed to adding value to the community that we serve, we have added another chip, in the form of a monthly newsletter that will help us to cover the whole city in terms of responsiveness to issues affecting their well being”, said Kanyemba

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