Report Gender Based Violence

This is a heart touching, emotion invoking and a top notch program that insights public discourse on GBV. The program starts off with a dramatization of GBV by a professional cast whose acting is beyond compare and so believable it doesn’t feel like its a play at all. We then hear testimonials of GBV survivors.
The play is about a woman who goes through GBV by her husband. Her sisters visit and find her in a bad state. One sister advises her to report while another sister is for the idea of her keeping quite about it arguing that she also went through GBV but she resisted and saved her marriage.
The GBV continues and we also hear the sister of the abusive husband coming on his behalf to ask for forgiveness to his wife. The abused woman however tells her aunt that if she really loves her she would allow her to report.
Take a listen!!!! KCRSI.
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