Regional ZCTU boss calls on elected MPs to deliver


The 2018 harmonized elections have come and gone, but for many hopes are still high for an improved socio- economic performance of the country which can only be helpful to citizens especially the workers. Before the elections, a number of companies had shut down, while those that are still operating are arguably doing so at a reduced percentage in terms of production. Workers were struggling to get their wages on time, and notably it has only been the civil servants who have managed to get a nominal allowance which was meant to cushion them against a background of on-going salary discrepancies. Now that the elections are over, the regional manager for Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions Manicaland, (ZCTU), Mr Tenson Muchefa has called upon newly elected legislators to deliver on their election promises.

Speaking to KCRS reporters in an interview at the ZCTU offices in Mutare, Mr Muchefa said it was important for companies to re-open and as well to see the election promises being delivered. Said Mr Muchefa, “ The impact of this election result will be felt by the workers. We want companies to re-open. We want to see the pre- election promises being delivered. Some promised that companies will re- open, while others promised that engagement with foreign investors will make Mutare tick again.”

ZCTU Regional Manager – Manicaland

He went on to say that the future of the workers is bleak and called upon political leaders to re-engage and map a positive way forward in the wake of violent clashes that rocked Harare earlier in the week.

Mr Muchefa said, “ The violence in Harare will certainly demoralize the workers. The workers vote in most urban centres was diluted by the rural vote and this means that most of the legislators who are sympathetic to the workers cause will fall in the minority. He said the fact that they are not the majority will affect the decisions they come up with regarding the welfare of workers arguing that in the previous parliamentary sessions, opposition suggestions were mostly out voted as decisions seem to be based on partisan lines.

Meanwhile Mutare like most regions did not experience violent clashes after the announcement of election results. It was business as usual and peace prevailed in most sections of the city. A snap survey, however revealed that a number of products had surprisingly marked up, for example a resident had a quotation for timber which was shown to the reporter pegged at $1500, 00 quoted last week, but a similar quotation two days after the elections showed that she now required to pay an extra $500-00 for the same products.

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