Mutare Residents wary of Covid- 19 cases upsurge

The recent rise in Covid 19 deaths in and around the City of Mutare has become a cause for concern amid revelations that 741 active cases have been recorded in the Province at large.

Speaking to KCRSI recently, some residents said it is time to take care and and adhere to the recommended practices that are aimed at reducing the spreading of Corona virus.

Nyasha Nzarayebani, a resident of Devonshire in Sakubva said, “It is now worrisome noting that the number of Covid- 19 infections and deaths has risen significantly over the few days. A lot of people are still not following the recommendations outlined by the World Health Organization. It is sad that in this day and time some people still roam around the streets without face masks. People have to take care of themselves and others because the pandemic is now closer to our neighbourhoods.”

Lamenting on the same issue, Mr Rodgers Chadzingwa expressed dismay over some practices which people are clinging onto, which expose them to infection. he said, ” People are holding on to some practices which expose them to infection. it is sad to note that people are still frequenting public beer drinking places in peri urban shopping centres and disregard social distancing practices and the wearing of masks. at the same time local people still want to attend funerals in their numbers, fearing social reprisals from their neighbours. this is not right. It is time we adjust to the current status quo and help in containing the disease. “

in the past days, almost 6 Covid related deaths were recorded in the Province and the cumulative figure on covid related deaths has since reached the 70th mark in the province. to date about 922 recoveries have been recorded. cumulative cases for the province are now almost 1733 and these figures are really a cause for concern.

Mr Albert Chataika, a medical personnel, however, has reiterated the importance of adhering to the correct sanitization process especially for those visiting public shops. Mr Chataika said, “Most people feel safe with the drop of sanitizer that they are given upon entering a shop. this is a drop in the ocean. people should thoroughly sanitize their hands covering all parts of their hand.

The country is currently under a full lockdown as efforts are being made to contain the Covid 19 pandemic. A number of residents in Mutare were not treating the pandemic as serious but the recent spike in confirmed cases and covid related deaths of prominent people in the City has come as a rude awakening for the doubters. A number of awareness campaigns are currently in place and Kumakomo Community Radio initiative is also sending out bulk messages and daily awareness posters via the social media platforms.

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