KCRS Makes Inroads Into Rural Environs

KCRS embarked on an advocacy campaign that targeted Chinota area Mutanda 2 which falls under Mutare Rural District.
The community outreach program’s main aim was to lobby for support of community radios as well as create awareness on community broadcasting.

The village chairperson invited KCRS after hearing of the community radio movement through a friend who lives in the city.Some youth attended the meeting and a number of recordings were done on the day.Most of the youths said they listen to radio but cannot access many channels and those they can access mainly cover national issues.

The youth bemoaned lack of property rights which results in them harvesting less than they should because they have to share the ploughing fields with their parents.They said the Government should help secure them resettlement land so they can venture into farming.Most of the youth went as far as Form 2 due to lack of funds and their source of livelihood is in farming.Some are willing to go tho Vocational training centres but do not have the funds for fees.

The area also has poor road network which makes it very difficult for them to transport their produce.Outside the tobacco season they do horticulture farming.Fire wood for curing tobacco has also become a problem as demand for it rises every season.They also felt the price the tobacco is fetching on the market compared to the labor and inputs they put throughout the season is a bit unfair.

For tilling the fields they use cattle which they also sell to sustain the income they get from tobacco farming.


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