GoodMan to tour the province


GoodMan full feature film set to tour Manicaland Province. GoodMan is a romantic feature film which is 93 Minutes (1 hour 33 Minutes) long. It was shot and produced in Mutare by the Media House Pikicha Afrika. The film is set around a decent and honest man who wakes up with a lady-of-the night on his bed, after a cooperate party. The formidable woman soon blackmails Farirai Clarence Borerwe who plays the lead role of (Simba) with pregnancy. When Simba discovers that the sexcapade was just but part of a conspiracy it’s too late and there is no turning back. The lady-of-the-night (Jenette) is played by Tapiwa Marahwa.

Good man cast and directors

The film was produced by Kamo Phuti who is based in Mutare. Kamo Phuti has produced short films, radio plays, documentaries, television programmes, commercial adverts and now a feature film. He has worked with Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe as an Independent Film Producer and Content Creator, Zimbabwe International Film and Television School for Southern Africa (ZIFTESSA), Zimbabwe Theatre Association, Ministry of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services and Kumakomo Community Radio Station as a Volunteer Content Producer. In producing GoodMan, the producer’s production crew and cast was drawn from Mutare.

The film was directed by Igi Matope who is a filmmaker and founder of Pikicha Afrika, which is a film consultant company based in Mutare, Zimbabwe. The company has produced and directed documentaries, short films, and commercial and commissioned television programs. Pikicha Africa’s film productions have been screened locally and internationally in various film festivals and conferences, winning awards and critical acclaim.

Speaking to our News Crew, Mr. Kamo Phuti said “Good Man’ the film will rely much on public screenings through national tours. However, they will start with Mutare, before conducting provincial and nationwide tours. He went on to say that the film will be marketed for television stations and international film festivals with the hope that it can attract international distributers. Kamogetsi bemoaned rampant piracy in the local market and emphasized that their biggest task was to avoid piracy by withholding DVD production and attract international markets.

The enchanting sound scoring and film sound track was recorded, mastered and produced at Optisonic Studios by Dr. Leeman at their studio that is based in the famous areas of Sakubva in Mutare. The scoring used local acts; Guitarist Mex Muneta, Nasco Simon, City Boys and vocalist Mamoe. The initial film premiour was held at a local hotel (Skyview) to an estimated audience of 200 people. The public screenings are expected to begin this February at Valentine’s Day. The director of Good Man, Igi Matope said screenings will be tour Sakubva, Chikanga, Dangamvura, Checheche, Murambinda, Rusape, Nyanga, Mutasa, Chimanimani and Chigodora before the national tour.


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