Cyclone Idai hits Mutare.

Part of the shed that has been affected by the cyclone at the Sakubva Market Bus Terminus

NoNo fatalities were recorded as the Tropical cyclone Idai induced winds swept across the high density surburb of Sakubva, notably sweeping away the roofing sheets on of the vendors sheds this Friday afternoon at the popular Musika Bus Terminus market in Mutare.
Residents have been on high alert having been fore- warned about this cyclone coming from Beira in Mozambique. According to Wikipedia, a tropical cyclone is a rapidly rotating storm system characterized by a low-pressure center, a closed low-level atmospheric circulation, strong winds, and a spiral arrangement of thunderstorms that produce heavy rain. In a number of countries notably in the far east and west, cyclones have caused untold damages to human life and economies. But in Zimbabwe, although the damage has been minimal, previous cyclones like the infamous EL Nino resulted had a devastating effect on the economy, while at the same time thousands were left displaced and in other cases lives were lost.
Cyclones can cause drought and flooding. In Zimbabwe in the previous year’s bridges have been swept away while buildings were brought down by cyclones. Heavy flooding through cyclones has exposed engineers in a number of cities as roods have flooded resulting in movement being restricted especially in the residential areas where drainage systems were either poorly planned or are non -existent at all.
However in Mutare the cyclone has been calm, although forecasts expect the city and other areas to remain on high alert since the cyclone is expected to continue going into the weekend. Most parents said they allowed their kids to attend lessons. Said one parent from Chikanga in Mutare, “We are aware of the impending cyclone. Today it was not very serious and my kids went to school and we hope it will not be very serious in the coming week.”

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