Anglican Bishop urges political leaders to speak with one voice against violence

As the ugly violent scenes that rocked Harare just after the announcement of key provincial results remain in our minds, the clergy has called upon political leaders to speak with one voice in condemning violence. Bishop Eric Ruwona of the Anglican Church central Province of Africa, in Manicaland Province has condemned resorting to violence as a way of addressing disputes.

Bishop Erick Ruwono – Anglican Diocese of Manicaland

Bishop Ruwona said, “ It is regrettable that lives were lost when protesters clashed with the military in Harare. Such things should never have happened worse still that we lost lives. As far as we are concerned as a council (Zimbabwe Council of Churches), and as a church no life must be lost because every life is precious and every life is God given and should be preserved.”

He cited the bible quoting Mathew chapter 5 verse 9 which says, “ Blessed are the peacemakers  for they shall be called children of God…” To this he said, “It is blessed to be a peacemaker, and it is cursed to do the opposite. As a nation we need peace. Peace is a pre-condition for development, prosperity and our future success. Where there is peace there is development,” said Bishop Ruwona.

The cleric urged citizens to do the right things and bring evidence to the courts and liaison committees to discuss disputes. However, he did not spare political parties and their leaders saying that they should adhere to the signed code of conduct.

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