Situated in the heart of Zimbabwe’s eastern border town of Mutare, Kumakomo Community Radio Station (KCRS) ntends to serve the geographical community of Manicaland by broadcasting the broad interests of its community that includes health, social and developmental issues.

Mutare is the provincial capital of Manicaland province, which includes districts such as Chipinge, Chimanimani, Buhera, Marange, Zimunya and Makoni. Manicaland is also home to the Ndau, Vahera, Mabocha, Samanyika, Maungwe and Majindwi all of whom share common values.

KCRS intends to take the form of its vast community, in character and content and be the common meeting point for all the tribes focusingon empowering them to develop their community and preserve their cultural values. KCRS when it evenually broadcasts will strive to maintain the station’s independence and ensure that its operation focus on the needs of the people of Manicaland.